Caribbean Home Made Curry Powder Recipe

Caribbean Curry Powder

Curry Powder Recipe – Caribbean Style

Cades Bay, Nevis
December 27, 2008


8 Tbsp. cumin seeds
4 Tbsp. whole coriander seeds
2 Tbsp. cloves
2 Tbsp. poppy seeds
2 Tbsp. mustard seeds
4 Tbsp. ground cayenne pepper
4 Tbsp. ground cinnamon
4 Tbsp. star anise
2 Tbsp. fenugreek seeds
2 Tbsp. black peppercorns
8 Tbsp. ground turmeric
8 Tbsp. ground ginger

Cooking Method:

Dry roast the cumin and coriander in a saute pan until fragrant, just a few minsutes. Grind all the ingredients, except turmeric and ginger, in a spice grinder (or use a mortar and pestle or a coffee grinder reserved for spices only….unless you want curry flavored coffe). Combine all the ingredients. Place in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place for up to several months.

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