Nevis Island Tourism News and Notes

Hon. Alexis Jeffers has been appointed Special Advisor

Hon Alexis Jeffers Appointed Special Advisor

Special Advisor To The Premier - Alexis Jeffers Hon. Alexis Jeffers has been appointed Special Advisor to the Office of the Premier on Investment Matters; the appointment having taken effect on January 01, 2023. Premier ...
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Hospitality Assured Certification - Nevis Tourism

Hospitality Assured Certification Important To Nevis Tourism

Hospitality Assured Certification - Nevis Tourism The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) flagship quality assurance programme Hospitality Assured (HA) certification status which was implemented in Nevis in 2014, through the Ministry of Tourism continues to draw ...
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Nevis Culturama 49 Slogan Competition

Registration Opens For Culturama 49 Contests

Culturama 49 Contest Registration Information The following is an announcement from the Culturama Secretariat in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) regarding registration for Culturama 49 contests. The Culturama Secretariat hereby informs the general public that ...
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Nevis Culturama 49 Slogan Competition

Culturama 49 Nevis Slogan Competition Is Go

Nevis Culturama 49 Slogan Competition The following is an announcement from the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Culturama Secretariat regarding the Culturama 49 Nevis Slogan Competition. Slogans should be short and catchy (no more than eight ...
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Canadian Ambassador Her Excellency Lilian Chatterjee

Canadian Ambassador Calls On Nevis Premier

Canadian Ambassador - Lilian Chatterjee Her Excellency Lilian Chatterjee, Canadian Ambassador to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and to Nevis on her first official visit to the island since being appointed to the ...
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Nevis Police Officers

Nevis Police Aim To Reduce Crime

Nevis Police Officers At Celebration Service Superintendent James Sutton, Divisional Commander for the Nevis Police in the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF), says while the 15 percent reduction in major crimes on ...
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Nevis Island is the smaller of the two islands that make up the small Caribbean island nation of Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis. A former British colony, the islands became independent in 1983. They are separated by a 2-mile wide channel known as “The Narrows”.

Nevis is not very commercially developed. It is still a very quiet and relaxing island, and a lot safer than many Caribbean islands. The local people who live on Nevis Island are kind and welcoming, but Nevisians who don’t work with tourists on a regular basis tend to be shy at first. Nevis has one of the highest literacy rates in the world; education and religion are very important aspects of the islanders’ lives.

The island of Nevis is divided into five parishes:

  • Saint George, Gingerland
  • Saint James, Windward
  • Saint John, Figtree
  • Saint Paul, Charlestown
  • Saint Thomas, Lowland

Nevis Island is almost round in outline, with a large dormant volcano (known as Nevis Peak) in the middle. The island divides naturally into three regions: the peak itself, which is so steep that it was never farmed, the coastal plain which rises up towards the central mountain, and hills of various sizes around the island which are the remnants of far more ancient volcanic activity.

Charlestown, the capital of Nevis, is a small, picturesque town, with a Main Street lined with Georgian stone buildings which are examples of the architectural style of the colonial era, sporting breezy balconies and wooden upper floors over a ground floor built of stone.