Nevis Tourism Interests Looks Forward To American Eagle Flights

American Eagle at Nevis Airport

American Eagle at Nevis Airport
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Charlestown, Nevis
March 31, 2011

In just six days, the American-based airline, American Eagle, will operate under a new schedule between the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport on San Juan [SJU] and the Vance W. Amory International Airport on Nevis [NEV].

Effective April 6, 2011, the aircraft would depart SJU at 1:45 pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and NEV at 3:25 pm on the same days.

During a recent interview with the Department of Information, Chief Executive Officer at the Nevis Tourism Authority Mr. John Hanley spoke of the significance of the extended schedule to Nevis’ economy.

“This is very welcomed news because American Eagle is one of our main airlines that brings connection to North America”.

“Of course the more visitors we have, the more expenditure we would have. Everyone knows that tourism is the lifeblood of the economy so we have a critical role at the Nevis Tourism Authority,” Mr. Hanley said.

While it was rumoured that American Eagle would have discontinued its flights to Nevis, “negotiations by the island’s top tourism officials proved to be instrumental.”

Although proud of the extended flight service, CEO Hanley said plans were being made to “improve the links with other airlines,” adding that “the tourism industry looks very positive and optimistic.”

“Winair has been a good partner to us and we are engaged in some negotiations which you would see hopefully some improved business and there’s another airline that we are planning to woo to Nevis,” he said.

In addition to improving airline links, Nevis’ tourism officials have enhanced the island’s marketing initiatives “to encourage as many persons to bring high yield to the economy of Nevis.”

This, according to CEO Hanley, is evident in the “increased bookings at the hotels, additional jobs for taxi drivers and feedback from the recently attended shows in the United Kingdom and United States.”

“We were represented by one of the former CEOs of the Tourism Authority, Helen Kidd, and she reported that there is strong interest in the market.

“People are really interested in coming to Nevis so we at the Tourism Authority are doing our best to get the word around and to facilitate those persons who want to come to the destination,” Mr. Hanley explained.

Among the travel shows that featured Nevis were the Boston Globe and New York Times shows and a bridal show in Puerto Rico.

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