Nevis Premier Discusses Geothermal Energy At NEVCAN

John Allen and Premier Parry

John Allen and Premier Parry (R)

Charlestown, Nevis
October 30, 2008

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry, is of the view that geothermal energy will “change the face of the country with more jobs and cheaper electricity!” He made the statement as he delivered the Keynote Address at the 30th Anniversary Dinner of the Nevis Canada Association (NEVCAN), in Toronto on Saturday, October 25th.

According to Premier Parry, Geothermal would assist in lowering the government’s subsidies to the public debt, attracting industries in search of cheap power and removing a need for large sums of money to be spent annually on diesel for power generation.

“As we take steps to make ourselves strong economically and socially, we are fortunate to have discovered geothermal energy,” said Premier Parry.

Mr. Parry also told the very appreciative audience that fellow Nevisians should not stand aside and criticize; but instead, believe in the Federation’s motto of Country above self and support any Government in power, once the country is developing for the better. He continued by saying, “It doesn’t matter who was in Government and did nothing about Geothermal, it is more important that someone is doing something about Geothermal today.”

The audience applauded and they continued to cheer as the Premier asked the crowd to rally around the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), as the Nevis Reformation Party led Government seeks to move the island forward by diversifying the Economy.

Meanwhile, in keeping with his government’s on-going drive for financially viable growth, the Premier informed the audience of the new companies investing on Nevis, such as 21st Century Telecommunications whose headquarters are soon to be on Nevis, The Brown Hill Call Center which currently employs over 80 persons and a number of hotels due to begin opening up on the island very shortly.

“It is against this backdrop, he explained, that we will diversify the service-oriented economy led by Tourism, Industry and Hospitality.”

Premier Parry commented that it will be essential that the NIA build a highly productive Economy, and in so doing, create a strong, entrepreneurial environment, empowering the island’s men and women to become more creative in revenue generating projects, while raising their standards to international levels.

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