Government’s Corruption Negatively Impacting Business Sector

Bernard Welsh - PAM Candidate

Bernard Welsh – PAM Candidate

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
December 20, 2009

People’s Action Movement (PAM) Constituency Three representative Bernard Welsh has declared that the many corrupt practices being perpetrated by Government officials and Ministers have impacted significantly on businesses in the Federation.

Welsh said that the general view expressed by local businessmen and businesswomen is that corruption would continue to affect them negatively and could create additional challenges and difficulties.

Welsh said that the responses from businesses have painted a very gloomy picture, which points to further difficulties for citizens and residents. He also indicated that although the perpetrators and effects of corrupt practices are known, the general excuse being peddled by Government is that the increased difficulties and challenges are as a result of the global financial crisis.

He noted that several business owners are of the firm view that in the event of a negative change in business conditions, they may be forced to further employ cost reduction strategies as the primary tool to cope with the situation. He stressed that with the electing of a PAM Government businesses would see a number of growth strategies.

Welsh said that with the very limited growth from acquisitions and mergers today, new strategic partnerships or expansion into new international markets are pivotal. He added that growth and development of the St. Kitts and Nevis economy could only be guaranteed with new innovative, creative, mature and responsible leadership. He stressed that businesses are all fed up, tired and disgusted with the leadership they have been provided for the past 14 years; therefore, there is a desperate need for new leadership.

He reminded that it was under the PAM that the economy grew by leaps and bounds, adding that under the leadership of Lindsay Fitzpatrick Grant the public would certainly see growth and development.

Bernard Welsh is expected be the first People’s Action Movememt candidate to take the West Basseterre seat currently held by Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor.

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