Facelift For Silver Reef Roundabout Near St. Kitts Marriott

Artist's Conception of Updated Roundabout

Artist’s Conception of Updated Roundabout

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
April 07, 2011 (CUOPM)

Several months after beautification of the roundabout leading to the St. Kitts Marriott, the Dr. Kennedy Simmonds Highway, Timothy Beach Resort and the eastern section of The Strip, the middle roundabout at Frigate Bay, is about to get a new look thanks to a collaboration between Silver Reef and the Frigate Bay Development Corporation.

“We are pleased to sponsor the beautification of this strategically important roundabout and help turn it into a community asset “said Sebastian Mottram, Director of Silver Reef, St. Kitts.

“It was felt that the location of this significant green space, right at the gateway to our important tourist district of Frigate Bay, would be greatly enhanced by some thoughtful landscaping,” said Mottram, who noted that the space is currently used as a meeting place.

“We are building on those basics to enhance the roundabout into an attractive public space that can still be used for liming and resting after exercise.  We believe that the design has met those needs well,” said Mottram.

Local Landscape Architect, Mr. Travis Merritt of DreamWorks Designs was invited to fulfill the requirements of making a user friendly space but also to give it the “wow” factor.

“I am pleased that my plans were chosen and I think that the public and tourists alike will enjoy the living shady spaces that will be created,” explained Merritt, who said he has embraced a circular theme as a reference to the roundabout shape itself.

“You will find circles throughout the design. The central point will showcase a water feature surrounded by comfortable, shaded seating with the hope that the public will interact with the space.  We are also mindful of security so the area will be well lit using eco friendly night sky compliant lighting,” said Mr. Merritt.

The 75-foot radius has already been cleared and some ground works have commenced.  It is anticipated that the whole job should be finished by June 2011.

“We are hoping that the donation of labour, materials and architect’s costs will encourage other developers and philanthropists to continue the work and beautify the verges linking the roundabouts and lining the main road,” said Mr. Mottram.

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