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New Tourism Developments Mean New Jobs
Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
July 16, 2009 (SKNIS)

Approximately, seven hundred and twenty young persons in St. Kitts have taken advantage of the opportunity to become more marketable to prospective employers by gaining social, technical and vocational skills.

The youths are gaining this experience under the Youth Empowerment through Skills (YES) Project which was launched in February as a second chance initiative.

During an appearance on this week’s edition of SKNIS Perspectives, the project’s implementation chairman Fritzroy Wilkin said that the initiative has produced many success stories as a number of participants have learnt new skills and some have since found employment based on the increased qualifications.

Also, a number of participants on job attachments have impressed employers with their attitude and work ethic and have secured verbal commitments that they will be retained after the YES Project ends. Such is the case in Harris’ where the owner of Jake’s Garage said he intends to employ the two young men under his charge.

Success stories like these will be important as the latest batch of trainees will be seeking job attachments. Mr. Wilkin encouraged employers who are ready to support the young people to contact the National Skill Training Programme to indicate their interest.

Some of the young people have said they intend to be proactive, assertive and independent by forming their own small enterprise.

“Part of the mandate of the project is to assist persons who are interested in starting a business,” Wilkin said. “”¦ Focus will be given to see how the (YES) Project can actually assist in getting them to start their own business.”

Officials have forecasted a large demand for skilled workers as a number of capital projects such as Christophe Harbour, Kittitian Hill and Beaumont Park continue in St. Kitts. That demand is expected to multiply upon completion of the respective projects as the local workforce will be tapped for bartenders, landscapers, air condition repairmen, waitresses, secretaries, chefs and others.

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