VOJN Primary Hosts First Career Awareness Day

Nevis Police At Career Awareness Day

Nevis Police At Career Awareness Day

Charlestown, Nevis
November 06, 2009

A number of students from primary schools on the island were given the opportunity on Friday to think seriously of the available options when their turn came to choose a career. The opportunity was presented when the Violet O. Jeffers-Nicholls (VOJN) Primary School hosted its first ever Career Awareness Day.

Principal Education Officer Mrs. Lornette Queely-Connor in remarks at the opening ceremony told the students that the awareness day provided them an opportunity to interact with persons of various professions and give them an insight.

“It should also give students an up-close look at the lives of different professionals and allow them to get a feel of what it takes to become successful in doing something that you’ve always wanted,” she said.

Mrs. Queely-Connor defined a career as a particular occupation for which one was trained or one’s calling in life and told the students that this was the perfect time to begin thinking about their calling.

“Usually when we are small, we have wild dreams about what we want to grow up to become but it is not until; we get the chance to meet real people in the real world of work that we are able to decide on a career path”.

“Today’s activity is a great time, therefore, to sensitise our youths as to the many employment opportunities and the significant financial rewards these different jobs have to offer,” she said.

Mrs. Queely-Connor also used the opportunity to encourage the students to look, listen and learn as much as they could, since in the years to come, they would be the ones to share their experiences with the children of Nevis.

While she acknowledged those in the private and public sector who took part in the Career Awareness Day, Mrs. Queely-Connor commended them for their participation and noted that their presence sent a strong message to the children that they cared.

“Your presence here demonstrates that you are willing to assist us in using this event as a vehicle for addressing potential problems such as school dropout and low levels of skilled workers in our community”.

“We are indeed grateful for the time you have invested in our children and in helping to lay the foundation to the future. Let me assure you that your time here today will be well spent,” she said.

Other remarks came from Principal Mrs. E. Elliott and Mrs. Lornette Hanley gave a motivational speech. The day was dotted with other motivational speeches and demonstrations from those who participated in the event.

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