US Airways Flights To St. Kitts Will Now Cost More

In fact all US Airways flights will now cost more…if you choose certain seats.  Starting May 07, 2008, US Airways has implemented “Choice Seats” program, which essentially means that they are going to charge $ 5.00 more for the good seats that were originally free in you requested them.  Once again the airlines are lowering the service, and charging more for the luxury of reduced quality of service.  See the details below….

Our new Choice Seats program

Starting May 7, we’ll introduce our new Choice Seats “” select aisle and window seats in the first several rows of Coach. You’ll have the option to purchase a Choice Seat assignment during Web Check-in (from 24 hours and up to 90 minutes prior to departure). That means aisle and window seats are likely to still be available even for last minute travelers. Dividend Miles Preferred members have the benefit of reserving a Choice Seat assignment free of charge.

The price for Choice Seats varies by destination and length of flight. Choice Seats are available on all US Airways operated flights except the US Airways Shuttle and Colgan operated Saab 340 aircraft.

We thank you for your business, and as always you may find complete information about all US Airways programs at

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What a bunch of SHITE!

3 thoughts on “US Airways Flights To St. Kitts Will Now Cost More”

  1. Oh boy…..don’t get me started on the service provided (or should I say not provided)by USAIR. I was dumbfounded that an airline could be this bad. I suppose they will be installing Pay Toilets in the near future….what a ripoff merchant these guys are. :(

    On a brighter note the Delta Service was quite good into SJU and then we took the eagle directly into Nevis.

    This is my preferred flight mode into Nevis :)

  2. We too have had less than satisfactory service with USAIR. Twice in less than a year we have missed connections to other flights on USAIR.

    The last flight we missed was a connection to Charlotte, due to USAIR being late…which then was late leaving Charlotte, which caused us to miss our ferry to Nevis.

    All in all it cost us about $200.00 in taxis and rooms in St. Kitts while we had a perfectly good room at Oualie Beach.

    It also took us DAYS to get our luggage as USAIR only flies to St. Kitts once a week.

    Never again, next time we will choose any airline besides US Airways!!

  3. Being villa owners in Nevis we fly down quite often, and we now refuse to fly USAIR. The service is awful. We now only fly American Airlines. What a difference it makes to land directly in Nevis and avoid the hassle in St. Kitts. USAIR just plain sucks!


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