Turtle Time Beach Bar Reopens On Nevis

Turtle Time Beach Bar Nevis

Turtle Time Beach Bar – Pinneys Beach

Premier Mark Brantley announced the grand reopening of Turtle Time – Beach Bar and Grill at Pinneys Beach on Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 7 pm. The beach bar offers a mix of international foods, perfect sunsets, and a variety of music (#ad) for friends and family to enjoy.

Expressing his excitement, Premier Brantley said, “It’s finally happening—the grand reopening of the bar at Pinneys Beach.” He noted that Nevis’s restaurant and entertainment scene just got even better. He also thanked investors for their confidence in Nevis and expressed hope for more investors to come to the island.

The reopening of the beach bar will provide jobs for several local employees, boosting the local economy. “I commend investors for their confidence in the Nevis economy. Every business is important as we build our economy. Turtle Time at Pinneys Beach is looking great and will reopen soon,” Premier Brantley stated.

The Beach Bar & Grill also took to Facebook to invite the people of Nevis to the grand opening after almost a year. The post read, “Slow & steady wins the race. Turtle Time opens its doors again after a long one-year wait. Thank you for all the support and patience.”

At Turtle Time Beach Bar & Grill, the focus is on providing visitors with the highest level of customer satisfaction—from food and drink to guest service. The goal is to ensure every visit is an enjoyable experience.

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