The Importance Of Water Emphasized In Schools

Students Taught Water Conservation Tips

St, Kitts – Nevis Students Taught Water Conservation Tips

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
March 24, 2009 (SKNIS)

The importance of water was emphasized during Talks in Schools on Monday, which was one of the activities in commemoration of World Water Day.

Celebrated internationally on March 22, in St. Kitts – Nevis, this commemoration is coordinated by representatives of the Water Department of St. Kitts and is being held under the theme “Shared Water ““ Shared Responsibility.”  The interactive sessions with young people were designed to involve them in discussions on water issues and bring to them information and ideas on how to conserve.

The St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service was on hand when Dr. Halla Sahely, Assistant Water Manager of the Water Services Department, addressed students at the Basseterre High School.  Using the theme as the basis for her presentation, Dr. Sahely explained that there were three levels of responsibility when it came to water.  She said that government was at the top since it is responsible for financing the necessary equipment and the like, to ensure that safe water is equally distributed to residents.  Government also has to ensure that water is used productively to drive the economy as is the case when it is used for agriculture.

The Assistant Manager said that the Water Services Department was on the second level and is responsible for ensuring that water is directed from its source, whether a spring or a well and is carried to homes and businesses for use.

The third level of responsibility was said to rest with individuals.  Dr. Sahely said all persons have an obligation to ensure that water is used efficiently and not wasted.

The Assistant Manager made sure to explain to students that there were quite a few career opportunities available at Water Services.  She said there are over 100 members of staff who include mechanics, pipe fitters, water treatment operators, pump operators, inspectors, water overseers and engineers.  Students studying geography, mathematics and science were encouraged to consider professions in the water service industry.

Basseterre High students were given water conservation tips such as turning off public taps when they are left running, watering plants at early mornings or evenings so that there is less evaporation and taking shorter showers.

Other activities that will take place during water week are presentations on popular radio talk shows and a clean up day to maintain, locate and paint valves throughout the water distribution system.

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