Curried Fish Stew Recipe – Nevis Style

Curried Fish Stew Recipe

Curried Fish Stew Is A Hearty Meal Curried Fish Stew Ingredients: 2  Pounds Wahoo fillets, cut into 1″ cubes ¼  Cup freshly squeezed lime juice 1¼ Teaspoons Kosher or Sea salt 2  Garlic cloves, minced 3  Teaspoons fresh Ginger, grated …

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Caribbean Saltfish Fritter Recipe

Saltfish Fritter Recipe - Nevis Island Caribbean

Saltfish Fritter Recipe – A Caribbean Treat A Saltfish Fritter is always a treat for either breakfast, lunch or dinner! I like to make them as an easy weeknight dinner or a treat after church on Sundays.  Saltfish fritter and …

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Mahi-Mahi Steaks With Orange and Grapefruit Recipe

Mahi Mahi With Orange and Grapefruit Sauce

Mahi-Mahi With Orange and Grapefruit Ingredients: 4 Mahi-Mahi Fish Steaks, about ½” thick 1 Large Blood orange, segmented 1 Large Pink Grapefruit, segmented 1½ Cups Fish stock, vegetable stock can be substituted 1 Cup dry white wine, NOT cooking wine …

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Grilled Wahoo With Pineapple Salsa Marinade Recipe

Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Pineapple Salsa Marinade Recipe Newcastle, Nevis Rumour’s Bar and Grill February 20, 2010 Ingredients for Pineapple Salsa Marinade: 2 Cups freshly diced pineapple 1 Green bell Pepper, diced 1 Red bell Pepper, diced 1 Medium red onion, coarsely chopped 1/2 …

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