Caribbean Recipes – Christmas Ring

Caribbean Christmas Ring Recipe

Caribbean Christmas Ring Recipe Ingredients: – 3 TB shortening, 2 1/2 C walnuts – finely chopped, 1 C all-purpose flour, 1 Ts baking soda, 3/4 c butter, 1 1/3 c granulated sugar, 3 Lg eggs, 1 C sour cream or plain non-fat yogurt, 1 ripe banana – mashed, 2 Tb orange liqueur, 1 scant cup slivered almonds for garnishing the Christmas Ring pastry.

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Ginger Beer Recipe – Caribbean Christmas Recipes

Ginger Beer Recipe - Nevis Island Christmas

Ginger Beer Recipe – Nevis Island Christmas – Ginger beer ’s origins date back from the colonial spice trade with the Orient when having the control of the species was a symbol of power. It was popular in Britain and its colonies from the 18th century and with time it spread around Europe arriving even all the American continent.

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Sorrel Drink Recipe For Christmas

Sorrel Drink Recipe - Nevis Christmas

Sorrel Drink Recipe – A Nevis Christmas Sorrel Drink Recipe Ingredients: 4 Cups sorrel sepals 1 Teaspoon grated ginger root 3 cloves 8 Cups boiling water 1-2 lbs sugar 1/2 Teaspoon orange zest Sorrel Drink Recipe Preparation Wash the sorrel …

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