Nevis Youth Month 2008 Comes To A Climax

Youth Rally In Charlestown, Nevis

Youth Rally In Charlestown, Nevis

Charlestown, Nevis
May 02, 2008

Youth Month in Nevis culminated Wednesday April 25, 2008 with a grand finale rally that climaxed at the Nevis Cultural Center. The event was organised in collaboration with the newly launched Peer Unit of the Youth Division and included entertainment from various youth groups and individuals.
On hand at the event was Minister responsible for Youth and Social Development in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Hon. Hensley Daniel, who urged the youths of Nevis to abstain from promiscuous and anti-social behaviour, read avidly, make informed healthy choices and to set good examples for other youths, who did not experience the impact of the rally.
Mr. Daniel said the young people of Nevis represented the island’s greatest hope, opportunities and greatest challenges. The government he said was focused on the positive to help them stay on course.
“In the Nevis Island Administration we do not overlook the energy of the young people. We encouraged responsibility of self and we actually are excited about the agitation and the demands of the young people.
“With regards to the inclusion of the decision making process, we do not share the view that young people are the men and women of tomorrow but we say they are the men and women of today. Since we came to government in 2006, there is a young person on the Board of every Public Corporation in Nevis and that young person is given the same responsibility and the same amount of authority as the Board’s older adults,” Mr. Daniel said.

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Charlestown Primary School Celebrates 16 Years

Charlestown, Nevis Primary School Students

Charlestown, Nevis Primary School Students

Charlestown, Nevis
April 29, 2008

Congratulatory remarks of well wishes and continued academic and athletics success were conferred upon the staff, students and parents of the Charlestown Primary school by area Representative for Charlestown Hon. Robelto Hector. He expressed the sentiments during the school’s special Devotions held in honor of its 16th anniversary, which was celebrated on Monday 28, April 2008. 
He articulated for students to maintain the team effort which Principle Mrs. Alice Swanston attributed to the school’s success and to embark on setting academic goals in order to emerge as high achievers.
He impressed upon all those who attended the devotion, to remember those persons who had contributed to the school’s success.
“Let me say congratulations to the teachers and continue the hard work you are doing. Parents, you have given support to the teachers and to the school and I want to say to you congratulations and continue to work hard.
“It is a time that we all should be proud of. It’s a day that we should reflect on those who contributed to this school and we must thank them for their contribution.  Throughout the day students, I want you to each take a little time and say to your teacher “˜thanks for the great things you have done for this school and for you’,” Mr. Hector said.

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Nevis Minister Applauds Charlestown Primary School

Charelstown, Nevis - Primary School Top Athletes

Charelstown, Nevis – Primary School Top Athletes

Charlestown Nevis
April 14, 2008

Area Representative for St. Paul’s the Hon Robelto Hector shared a special moment with the 2008 Gulf Insurance Inter-Primary Schools Athletic Champions, team Charlestown Primary School,(CPS) on Friday April 11, 2008 at the school in Ramsbury, Charlestown.  Moments before Minister Hector presented the top athletes with their trophies he told the athletes he was happy to be with them again to celebrate the occasion.
“I am happy to be here again this year to share special moments with you all as athletes. I offer words of congratulations to the team and to the school in general. The performance at the meet is an indication of the hard work of the students, parents, teachers and the coaches.
“You have done exceptionally well! Keep it up, and let me be back here next year to say congratulations to you again!” Minister Hector said.

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