St. Kitts – Nevis PM Linked To Millions In US Bank Account

Hidden Money

Where Else Is The Money Hidden?

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
January 19, 2010

As more damaging and conclusive evidence emerges linking the Prime Minister of St. Kitts & Nevis, Dr. Denzil L. Douglas, to a US company and its bank accounts, that have seen the movement of transactions totaling over $76 Million Dollars, in the last decade, the leader of the opposition Peoples Action Movement, (PAM), Mr. Lindsay Grant, is issuing a call to the US Treasury Department, the IRS and other authorities to launch an urgent investigation, into the Lex Consulting LLC company, which is said to be registered in the name of the girlfriend and mother of the Prime Minister’s children, Ms. Kate Alex Woodley.

Documents previously released by PAM, also provided evidence showing that the registered offices of the company, is in fact the home of the same Kate Alex Woodley, at 3265 Bainbridge Ave, Apt. B52, Bronx, NY,10467-3000.

The two main accounts for which proof has been established, are 000002391182553 and 000779501106365.

The PAM leader said that given the huge sums of monies that have been moving through this company, both the media and the US Authorities need to take a close look, to satisfy themselves about the appropriateness of the financial dealings.

Grant said that the media in St. Kitts – Nevis and the international media should launch their own independent research to verify the authenticity of these very serious charges. Grant said that the media have a responsibility and duty to undertake such investigation, on behalf of the public.

New startling revelations were made on Monday night, (January, 18th, 2010), during a political meeting in Cayon, St. Kitts, by the PAM leader, while he addressed thousands on a campaign stop to endorse his candidate for the Constituency 8 district of Cayon and surrounding villages.

Mr. Grant released a series of recent checks that showed the name of the Prime Minister and his Labour Party Committee, in amounts totaling EC$367,000  or US$135,000.

What was even more telling was that the checks were actually written out in the well known and recognizable hand writing of the Prime Minister, but signed by Alex Woodley.

Mr. Grant says that what these documents prove is that the Prime Minister, as we have said all along is very much aware of the company called Lex Consulting and that he has in fact been writing checks and receiving large sums of monies, with the latest check being paid out last week.

This means said Grant, that since the existence of this US Bank account was made known to the public on Tuesday January, 12th, 2010, during a PAM meeting in Basseterre, the Prime Minister has been arrogant and brazen enough to continue receiving payments from the said account.

Would you believe that on Tuesday January 12th, we revealed the financial documents and by the very next day, Wednesday January 13th, the Prime Minister was insensitive and uncaring enough to prepare another check in the amount of US$40,000.00, payable to the Labour Office Committee, drawn on a US checking account, held right here in St. Kitts at the government owned National Bank Ltd?

Grant said that the Prime Minister must answer, not to him, but to the people of this country. Tonight, one week before the general elections of this country, we are still waiting for an answer from the Prime Minister, said Grant

The greatest effects of this is what this money could have done, said the PAM leader. He continued by asking, “(do) you know how many houses $76 million could build? Do you know how many scholarships could have been given to young people in this country? Do you know how many young people could have been empowered and how many job opportunities could have been open up for the young people of this country?”

This why we say, that this election is about the future of this country. It is either we have more of the same, or change, explained Grant.

A lot of you out there are hurting and crying for change, but change does not come easily, you have got to work for it, said the PAM leader.

The labour campaign meanwhile has been filled with oversized billboards, hugely expensive banners, charter flights for hundreds of overseas supporters, well paid advisors and strategists from England, Canada, Barbados and elsewhere.

Their events have also included appearances from well known international artistes, such as Wyclef Jean and Serani, with more costly bookings to come later this week. Expansive stages, lighting companies, sound systems, production and creative directors from Europe have been brought in by the labour organizing committees, for the upcoming polls. The public continues to wonder, where this money is coming from.

The question we have to ask ourselves as Kittitians and Nevisians is where all of these millions of dollars are coming from and why is the Prime Minister receiving payments and writing checks from the Lex Consulting LLC account. But we must also ask the Prime Minister, why is he eligible to actually prepare checks for payment?

The PAM leader reminded supporters that this is exactly why a new PAM Administration, if given the opportunity by the people will immediately introduce Integrity in Public Life legislation, A Freedom of Information Act, Term Limits and Set Dates for elections in the twin-island federation. He said that his party would also change the requirements to have both federal and local Nevis Island Elections at the same time.

Grant concluded by saying that if governments like the current one in St. Kitts & Nevis cannot police themselves, then the appropriate legislation must be urgently enacted to protect the people from politicians who after serving for too many years, begin to feel that the country is their private club.

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