St. Kitts – Nevis National ID Cards Available On July 14

The St. Kitts - Nevis National Flag

The St. Kitts – Nevis National Flag

Basseterre, St. Kitts ““ Nevis
July 9, 2008 (Electoral Office):

The Electoral Office has taken the next historical step forward by announcing that the distribution of the new National Identification Cards (NID) will commence on July 14.

Additionally, the Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Leroy Benjamin expressed that the overseas confirmation process will begin in August in a number of territories. Specific details will be outlined at a later date in a subsequent press release.

Individuals can collect their new National Identification card over a three month period which will run from July to September of 2008. Registrants who either confirmed or registered during the months of December and January can begin picking up their cards at the Electoral Office as of week 1 which starts on July 14th, or anytime thereafter.

Persons who confirmed or registered during the months of February and March will have the opportunity to pick up their NID card during week 2 which begins on July 21st and onwards. Individuals who confirmed or registered during the months of April and May will be able to pick up their card during week 3 which begins on July 28th or anytime thereafter, and persons confirming or registering during the month of June will be able to obtain their NID card during the week of August 5th and onwards.

Individuals are also being asked to walk with their receipts that were presented during the time of confirmation/registration so as to speed-up the process.

Persons who requested changes during confirmation will receive their NID card after September 30th, when the confirmation process is completed.

A full public education exercise regarding the National Identification card will also be forthcoming and for further information, persons can contact the Electoral Office at 869-465-2873.

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