St. Kitts – Nevis Fuel Surcharge Control To Be Implemented

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
March 7, 2008 (SKNIS)
The Government has moved to control the fuel surcharge paid on electricity bills, effective from the Month of January 2008.

The announcement made by the Minister of Finance, and Hon. Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil L. Douglas in his Budget Address, stated that the fuel surcharge of householders can no longer be more than 50% of the current (primary) charge.

This policy change was in direct response to consumers’ requests that there be controls placed on the surcharge.

The necessary software to ensure a smooth transition has been acquired, installed, and is being test run. Even if there are slight delays in the mailing of any bills as a result of the new system, all customers will still have their surcharge controlled effective January 15th, which reflects the start date of the 2008 billing cycle.

Both the Technology and Electricity Departments have teamed up to make certain that the new system is fully implemented.

The new control on the fuel surcharge is in addition to an earlier policy change implemented by the Government that guaranteed that persons using less than 150KW Units/Monthly would no longer be required to pay any fuel surcharge whatsoever.

For inquiries, persons can contact Mrs. Janet Nias, Chief Consumer Clerk – 465-2000 ext 241, at the Electricity Department.

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