Second Geothermal Drill Site For Nevis, West Indies

Kerry Mc Donald - West Indies Power

Kerry Mc Donald – West Indies Power

Charlestown, Nevis
June 26, 2008

Chief Executive Officer of West Indies Power Limited (WIPL) Mr. Kerry Mc. Donald told the Department of Information on June 25, 2008, that plans were well on the way towards providing geothermal energy for the island of Nevis in 2009.

He also spoke of his commitment to the initiative.

“Everything is based on power to Nevis at the end of 2009,” Mc. Donald said.

The company, which made its first geothermal reservoir discovery on June 02, 2008 at Drill Site Nevis1 in Spring Hill, had since relocated to Drill Site Nevis 2 at Upper Jessups Village in the St. Thomas Parish.

The CEO spoke of the company’s current undertakings at the new site.

“We are expanding the reserves of the reservoir, in other words, we are seeing how much electricity production there can be by stepping away from where the discovery was on Nevis 1 and seeing if we find the same reservoir, the same temperature and everything else here,” Mc. Donald said.

He added that the expectations were that the new site would be as successful at the first one.

“This particular site we expect it to be as large or certainly equal to or larger than Nevis 1 and this would be the second location that a plant would be built,” he said.

He added that cable technicians would be looking at the crossing between St. Kitts and Nevis this week.

He also gave an update of the work being done at Drill Site Nevis 1.

“Right now at Nevis 1 the plant is being designed, actually the initial designs have already been done.  The geotechnical work will be starting there next month,” Mc. Donald said.

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