Rumours Bar And Grill – Newcastle, Nevis


Rumours Bar & Grill
Rumours Bar And Grill – Newcastle, Nevis

Nevis Restaurants – Rumours Bar and Grill.  Rumours is not really new, it is just that I finally had some photographs and the time to add it to the site.  The restaurant is easy to find as it sits directly on the main road not far from the airport.  The food here is mainly West Indian, with some Continental style choices too.  This said go to Rumours for the West Indian food… can get the European or American food at home!   

For many years I always claimed that Oualie Beach had the best conch chowder, I have changed my mind, Nevis has a new conch chowder King….it is without a doubt Rumours.  I could not get over how good it was, very spicy too…just the way I like it.  Along with the conch chowder, they also have the standard fare, such as baked chicken, assorted fresh fish, green salads, and locally grown vegetables.

Rumours also offers a West Indian Buffet every Friday night from 7:00 PM.  It is all you can eat for only $25.00.  The buffet includes goat water, salt fish, johnny cakes, souse, black pudding, jerk pork, stewed mutton, curried chicken, fish, rice & peas, macaroni pie, salad (several types) and steamed veggies.

Not only is the food good here, but so is the atmosphere.  With vibrant Caribbean colors, and whimsical decoration, this is a place even the kids will love.  The location makes Rumours easy to get to, and they have plenty of parking.  Oh and Alvin has a great CD collection too.

I usually go here for lunch, but have also been here for dinner.  If you plan on going for dinner, I suggest calling ahead, Rumours is quite popular in the evenings.  One of my favorite things about Rumours is the fact that is directly across from Bambooshay.  I normally stop into Bambooshay to say hello to Aulene, have a beer, and order some fresh raisin bread for the next day.  Great way to kill two birds with one parking place.

I usually stop by late afternoons for a cold beer and a chat with my friends.  A nice way to finish off the day before I head home for a siesta.  Drink prices here are very reasonable, but then again so are the food prices.  All said and done, give Rumours a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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