Chevy’s Calypso Beach Bar & Grill


Chevy's Calypso Beach Bar & Grill
Chevy’s Calypso Beach Bar & Grill


While I have not yet been to Chevy’s, at least at his new location, the old one I knew well, I have heard great things about it.  The old Chevy’s had great food and great views, but was a bit cramped.  I am sure that the tradition of the great food carries on, and I know that the couples that like to dance will appreciate the added room and much larger beach area.  Another nice thing about the new location, is the sunsets, the old location depending on the time of year could have the sunset view blocked by Hurricane Hill.Located on a gorgeous stretch of Pinneys Beach just a two minute walk from The Four Seasons, Chevy’s Calypso Bar & Grill  is a classic wooden beach bar. Dining tables line the wooden deck, or if you prefer you can dine on a picnic table, on the beach, under coconut tree umbrellas!  Sounds lovely as I write this looking out on a gray Toledo sky.  

Daily offerings of fresh seafood include Spiny Lobster, Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Conch, Shrimp Curry, and Shrimp kebabs. Chevy’s specializes in authentic local cuisine such as Nevisian Curry Mutton and Chevy’s Spiced Calypso Chicken.

Chevy’s also has other goodie such as: Homemade Organic Burgers, Veggie Burgers, BBQ Chicken, Baby Back Ribs & Fries.  Not to mention a nice selection of fresh sandwiches and fresh green salads.

Be sure to check out the Sunday afternonn beach party starting at 4:00 PM, and going to whenever, and I do mean whenever.  Another fun time for those of you who like Karaoke is Monday night.  Have dinner, relax, and sing to your hearts content.

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  1. We went to Chevy’s Calypso Beach Bar last fall while on a day outing from Saint Kitts. While the views were nice, we found the food only average. Who knows maybe it is better at night. I personally wish we would have tried somewhere else. Just my 2 cents though. :(

    Lisa & Stan
    New Haven, CT USA


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