Coconut Grove Restaurant & Wine Lounge


Coconut Grove Restaurant & Wine Lounge
Cocunut Grove Restaurant & Wine Lounge

While I personally have not had a chance to dine at the Coconut Grove Restaurant & Wine Lounge yet, I have heard very good reviews from both Nevisians and tourists alike.  The restaurant is very tastefully decorated in, don’t ask me why, but Balinese style?  Seems a bit odd for the Caribbean to look South Pacific, but somehow it works.

Two items of note about Coconut Grove for all of us “beverage lovers”, it is the only place on Nevis with a wine cellar, and it is the only place on Nevis where you can get beer on tap.  Now you just know I will have to check out the beer situation.  Pull me a pint please!  The wine cellar offers quite a nice selection of US and French wines….worth a look see just for that reason alone.

The menu has a “Continental” theme, with a strong emphasis on local ingredients, naturally leaning towards the Seafood side.  The dish that I think sounds worth a try is the “Seafood Napoleon” done Indian style, (Shrimp and Lobster in a mild madras Curry Sauce, layered between Indian Pampadoms), but then I love Indian food.  Traditionally a “Seafood Napoleon” is done with spinach, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, simmered in a cream sauce and served on puff pastry.  So as you can see the Chef has a good imagination!

While the menu is diverse and makes good use of local ingredients in a “fusion” style of cooking, I personally think the prices are a bit high.  I would like to see the price about 25 % lower on many items, and maybe 20% lower on others.  To me US $12.00 for a bowl of Onion Soup is way too high!  However I am sure they are catering to the Four Seasons Resort crowd, and then the prices are right on the mark.  This said though I do think it is worth giving the restaurant a try, and after all you are on holiday.  I personally will try it once, and if the food is PHENOMENAL I would go back, but there are many other restaurants on Nevis with excellent food for lower prices.  Oh, and for the record I was classically trained in culinary skills.  All said and done, give them a try!!!

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