Professor Donates US$10,000 Worth Of Books To Nevis Students

Nisbet Planation GM Jamie Holmes Hands Over Books To Mrs. Sonita Daniel

Nisbet Planation GM Jamie Holmes Hands Over Books To Mrs. Sonita Daniel

Charlestown, Nevis
December 01, 2009

The Nevis Library Services received a consignment of books for primary school-aged children, thanks to the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club and its 10 year old book donation programme.

During the presentation at Newcastle, the Hotel’s Manager Mr. Jamie Holmes said the donation of 20 cases of books valued at US$10,000, was the largest single donation ever made by a guest to the programme. Most of the books are destined for the VOJN Primary School in Newcastle.

In a press release at the handing over ceremony, Mr. Holmes said Dr. Juan Owens, a professor at Carthage College in Wisconsin was so moved by the people of Nevis during a visit to Nisbet Plantation, that she launched a book drive at the University for the programme.

“We hope that this donation encourages the children’s enjoyment of reading and education, which are so important for a bright and rewarding future,” the release quoted Dr. Owen as saying.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Holmes said the hotel had adopted local schools and filled the library shelves with books, provided computers and much more.

Each year Nisbet Plantation has donated between 15-20 cases of books to the local schools and according to the Manager, the hotel has had a major impact on the lives of many Nevisian school children and cited that to date the children were reading at a level two grades higher than when the programme commenced in 1999.

He explained that all guests at the hotel receive a note about the programme upon departure, which provided a way to give back to the people of Nevis for their unforgettable vacation experience. Guests are given the option to bring the new or gently used books on their return visit or can deliver them at the hotel’s Florida address. They are then shipped to Nevis at a cost carried by the hotel.

“Over the years our guests have received a great deal of satisfaction from giving back to the Nevisian people who welcomed them like family on their vacation. The programme provided an excellent opportunity for anyone to help make a difference,” Mr. Holmes said.

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