Premier Parry Thanks Nevis Teachers’ Union

Nevis Island Premier - Hon. Joseph Parry

Nevis Island Premier – Hon. Joseph Parry

Charlestown, Nevis
September 24, 2009

Premier and Minister of Education in Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry thanked the Nevis Teachers Union for their contribution to the development of Education in Nevis.  He made the remarks at his Bath Hotel office in a recorded address on Tuesday morning.

“The traditional and stereo-typical impression of Teachers’ Unions is to firstly represent their members in relation to wages, better working conditions and benefits.  I believe that the Teachers Union in Nevis for the most part share the same objectives as Government and that is to have quality Education on Nevis!”

The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) led Administration continues to make Education a high priority. Paying serious attention to the safety and comfort of our teachers and students, the Nevis Island Administration has taken steps to properly secure the premises of the Charlestown Secondary School.  In addition, four new classrooms have been constructed to accommodate the growing numbers of children attaining good grades and continuing on to fifth and sixth forms.  The compound also boasts a newly renovated and enlarged staffroom, where teachers can prepare work and grade papers in comfort.

The Premier also indicated that extra classrooms are being built at the St. Thomas Primary school.  The Charlestown and Jocelyn Liburd Primary Schools will also be refurbished with two new kitchens which will ensure that all Government Primary schools on Nevis will have a lunch program.

Additionally, the Premier and his Administration has relieved the financial burden of the Teachers who attend the Fritzroy Bryant College and those who wish to improve themselves further by seeking acceptance in recognized Colleges and Universities overseas.

During Mr. Parry’s speech he noted that the theme, “Build the future, Invest in Teachers Now,” is just one way of articulating how the NRP led Government observes the Teaching fraternity.  The Homework Assistance program, the meals program, the SELF text books for students, the classroom text books, scholarship programs for persons wishing to study and the Civil Servants Housing Programs are just some of the ways that the government is investing in teachers.

The Premier called on the Teachers’ Union members to improve students’ achievement by collaborating with government, the community, families and management to create strategies to build on academic achievement.  “Your success will manifest itself in no child being left behind.  Ensure that every child could read.  I believe that you can find new ways to promote reading,” remarked Mr. Parry.

The Minister of Education said he wants the Teachers’ Union to reach out to non-union teachers; expand the base and together, he said, we can positively effect change in the schools.

“Reach out to the community, work together to build a kinder, gentler nation with values that we can all be proud of,” concluded Premier Parry.

World Teachers’ Day will be celebrated on October 5th this year.  Schools have been granted an afternoon waiver of classes to accommodate a grand teachers’ rally to be held in Charlestown.

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