PM Surrenders St. Kitts – Nevis To Criminals

Dr. Charles Warner - P.A.M. Candidate

Dr. Charles Warner – P.A.M. Candidate

St. Kitts – Nevis
January 23, 2009
An editorial by: Dr. Charles Warner
West Basseterre Constituency #3
P.A.M. Candidate

A few weeks ago the Observer published the world’s rankings in terms of murder rate.  St. Kitts – Nevis was second, Costa Rica holding the top rung.  Murder number one took place on January 10, 2009 and recently the Daily Mail of London deemed St. Kitts the MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.  Apparently we were satisfied with the number two position because in contrast to the Daily Mail’s Report there was no uproar in the country.

If Dr. Douglas had the vision and acumen both positions would have been avoided.  When the entire nation became alert and raised the alarm Dr. Douglas told the nation and the world that there were only petty crimes here.  When the national debt had hit the one billion mark and the alarm went off, Dr. Douglas responded with his “PUBLIC DEBT ME ASS”.  It is worrisome that at the point when BA has made its inaugural flight, at the cost of millions to this country, this is the news that is spreading through the British Isles.  The Irish press was told that in St. Kitts foreigners are not killed.  Apparently it is ok to kill off Kittitians as our security is not high on the priorities of the Labour Government.

While the town and the entire country are being surrendered to the criminals the Douglas ““ led Labour government is busy devising ways to steal an election and corrupt our democracy.

The Prime Minister does not have any understanding of the operation and evolution of gangs.  Dr. Rawlins has deemed our gangs as not being sophisticated but he quickly added that these gangs will evolve.  Over two years ago on “Inside the News” I warned that there are gangs in this country and that they would evolve in terms of their activity.

An aspect of that evolution is the resigned, fearless and hardened nature of the gang members which is presently very evident.  About one year ago criminals paralyzed the security forces in a shoot out at the top of Market and College Streets.  Clearly the security forces were shocked that they were being fired at.  A few days ago the criminals fired on the security forces in Charlestown.  One must not forget that the criminals are actively subverting the justice system by eliminating witnesses.  Further criminals are directing executions from behind prison bars.  All of this as Dr. Douglas claims any responsibility is like water running off a duck’s back.  Obviously, too; all of this is passing in through one of his ears and going out through the NEXT one.

The occurrence of homicide numero uno in Basseterre just after midnight, in the heart of the business and entertainment district exemplifies the fact that the Labour government is devoid of any sensible strategy.  At this rate Basseterre as we know it would be surrendered to the criminals.  This phenomenon is nothing new.  New Kingston arose because the Jamaican Government could not secure old Kingston as the traditional business, commercial and political centre.

Criminals should be afraid to bring their weapons into the heart of Basseterre.  The Government should be aware that on the weekends there is a lot of people and business in Central Basseterre.  Security forces should be present in the numbers to provide an effective deterrent.  Security forces cannot be everywhere but some places should not be devoid of a significant security presence.

The killing of the 17-year-old reveals something very worrisome.  He ran from in front of the Pizza Place to the Bay Road.  Clearly no Security Officer was on patrol in that area.  All the Banks with ATMS are in that area.  From another angle he could have snatched a bag and ran the entire street without been intercepted by a security officer.

This is the situation with Fort Street and the Streets which branch off.  With all the various businesses, Fort Street is practically always devoid of Security Officers.  The limers and criminals usually have the street all to themselves.  Criminals can stay on Princess Street or Bank Street and monitor persons as they go to the Banks or the ATMS.  Peddle bikes ride along the street without lights and pass on any side of vehicles once there is space.

The Square and its environs form another area where the criminals can lurk.  Yet there is no security presence in these areas.  In all of this there is a defense force sitting up at Camp Springfield.  They will be active on the next Election Day in the constituencies where the Labour Party plans to conduct its fraudulent activities.

The intent to commit electoral fraud is and will continue to hamper efforts at obtaining National Security.  However, Dr. Douglas and his Labour cabal will sacrifice National Security on the altar of Electoral fraud.  For many years there has been talk about a curfew.  A curfew cannot be effective without the use of an ID CARD.  Based on the way Labour is rigging up the electoral reform process many of our youngsters who sadly are involved in criminal activities will not have a National ID Card because they are not eighteen (18) years.  When these youngsters are found to be problem students and not learning they are thrown out of school.  As a result a lot of young males are on the street all hours of the night.  An ID card will help to rid the streets of those under eighteen (18), will select who is allowed to enter clubs and buy alcohol.  All our Nationals less than eighteen (18) years will not have a National ID Card.  Apparently the Labour government prefers to give the police a measuring tape to use in effecting any curfew.

The issue is a picture of incompetence on the part of the leadership of this country.  There has bee no improvement in the effectiveness of this leadership for the period 2004-2009.  Things have continued to deteriorate.  Only a fool and a wisher can expect any better performance by Dr. Douglas for 2009 and beyond.


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