PM Douglas Lies: Government Failed to Comply With Court

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PAM Accuses Prime Minister of Lying

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
September 23rd 2009
PAM Secretariat

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Denzil Douglas falsely claimed that he has “taken particular care to comply with all lawful requests of the court.” After the court ordered an injunction that prohibited Government from enacting unfair boundary changes designed to stack the deck in favour of Labour, Denzil Douglas went to Parliament and still passed the very same measure.

The Attorney General, Dennis Merchant, was later found guilty of contempt of court since Douglas’ action was not lawful. Instead of dismissing or punishing the disgraced Attorney General, Douglas continues to pay Merchant a handsome sum and he continues to keep him by his side.

Today, PAM Leader Lindsay Grant took the Prime Minister to task for his lack of respect for our courts, our Constitution and our democracy.

“Denzil Douglas’ Government has no respect for our courts,” said Grant. “If Douglas’ Government did respect the courts, they would not have openly violated a court ordered injunction. And, if Denzil Douglas had respect for our courts, he would have long since punished or dismissed an Attorney General who was convicted of contempt of court.”

Grant continued, “We’re in the midst of a crime and murder crisis in the Federation. What kind of message does it send to our kids when Denzil Douglas continues to employ an Attorney General found guilty of a serious offense? Despite the repeated calls for Mr. Merchant to go, Denzil Douglas continues to keep the disgraced Attorney General at his side.”

Grant concluded, “A High Court judge said that the Prime Minister was a “stranger to the truth” after he claimed that the court had adjourned so that he could debate the unfair boundaries report. The Prime Minister has not respected the court. The people of St. Kitts & Nevis deserve a Government that respects our democracy, our Constitution, our courts and the rule of law. We need change.”

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