PAM Election Day Patriot Terrorized

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Attorney General To Represnt Douglas Regime

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
February 12, 2010

Mr. Lindsay Grant will again bring the illegitimate Douglas regime before the court with a lawsuit on behalf of three young Kittitians; Ms. Kimberley Ward, Mr. Joel Daniel and Mr. Kashief Daniel whose constitutional rights have been grossly violated.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning, February 7th, when the home of Mr. Kashief Daniel and Mr. Joel Daniel in Conaree was ransacked by members of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force under the pretext that they were searching for “drugs, guns and ammunition.” In reality they were sent with orders from the corridors of power on Church Street to confiscate the damning evidence that Ms. Ward, who was also there, had collected on Election Day of illegal voting in Half Way Tree before it makes its way into Court in the coming days.

In a letter to the Commissioner of Police and copied to the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security and the Attourney General, Mr. Grant revealed the sordid details of an unconstitutional abuse of government power on innocent young people.  “The police officers were heavily armed and were brandishing their assault weaponry in the direction of my clients.

The said police officers then proceeded to wave what appeared to be a rolled-up piece of paper which they claimed to be a search warrant for guns, drugs and ammunition.  They refused repeated requests by my clients to allow them to examine the alleged search warrant. 

The police officers involved did not find any guns, drugs or ammunition, for the simple reason that none were there.  However, this did not deter the police officers from seizing and taking into their custody the totally unrelated laptop of my client, Ms. Kimberly Ward, cellular phones of all three (3) of my clients, and the camera and DVD player of my client, Mr. Joel Daniel.

In a sordid display of brute force and unjustifiable power, my clients, Mr. Joel Daniel and Mr. Kashief Daniel (the latter of whom is a mere 18 years of age), were handcuffed for no reason, as if they were common criminals.  All three (3) of my clients were taken into custody and taken to the Frigate Bay outpost of the police force, where they were denied their liberty.”

Up till now no warrant has been produced for this search in violation of s 9 (1) of the Constitution which states “Except with his own consent, a person shall not be subject to the search of his person or his property or the entry by others on his premises,” except (2) d “the search of any person or property by order of a court or entry upon any premises by such an order.”

Prime Minister Douglas knows that his days of rule are numbered and he is desperately trying to delay the inevitable but time is longer than twine. Like a cornered animal he is resorting to crude terrorism against innocent citizens but this will not be tolerated.

The Douglas regime will pay not only costs but significant compensation to these young people when the final judgment of the court is read. Every citizen will be vindicated by that judgment. It is time for change.

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