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Call Center Training In Nevis

Call Center Training In St. John’s, Nevis

Charlestown, Nevis
March 02, 2009

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry and the Cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) toured two of the largest employment facilities in the Parish of St. Johns, last Wednesday afternoon.

The first visit of the tour was the Cherry Gardens Housing Development where the Premier and his Cabinet was met by the officers of the Land and Housing Corporation. The delegation observed the grounds and inspected the houses being constructed.

The Premier expressed his pleasure over the progress he witnessed at the site:  “I am very proud to be the head of a government that has much vision and foresight.  Special commendation must go to Minister Robelto Hector of the Housing and Land Corporation, as well as Deputy Premier, Hon. Hensley Daniel, as the Representative of the St. John’s area, who has asked for, and received, the Cherry Gardens development. “

The Premier added congratulations to all the contractors and employees of the Nevis Land and Housing Corporation for a job well done!

While discussing the development at Cherry Gardens to the Media, Minister Daniel said he is extremely happy about the construction of homes at Cherry Gardens, which will have a total of 119 homes when construction is completed at the end of this year. He also noted the great achievement of hiring about 250 persons through the Land and Housing Corporation.

The housing development will offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes at reasonable rates and there will also be recreation facilities available for Basketball, Tennis and other activities when the project is finished.

Meantime, the next stop for the Nevis Island Administration Cabinet was the Brown Hill Communications Center, where the team was met and escorted through the facility by Site Director, Ms. Tessa Howell.

“On behalf of Brown Hill Communication Center and the Parent company,who wish not to be neamed, I would like to thank Minister Daniel for making things happen and continuing to make things happen for the call center,” commented Ms. Howell.

Minister Daniel noted that the establishment of the Call center was not an accident; “it was a direct strategic involvement of the government’s vision of diversifying the economy and providing another kind of employment for the people of Nevis,” he said.

During the visit at the Call Center, the Cabinet interacted with the employees, while the Premier addressed a training class session.

In commenting on the tour of Cherry Gardens Housing Development and Brown Hill Communications Center, Minister Daniel said, “It is so engaging for our government to have institutions that can employ over 400 persons. While most places around the world are laying off, our Government is hiring in the parish of St.John’s!”

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  1. See these links for the real graft
    While we are loosing our jobs here in Canada:
    Brown Hill Communications Limited officially opens
    Friday October 24, 2008: A ceremonial ribbon cutting hosted by Bell Canada executive and staff marked the official opening of the Brown Hill Communications Limited, a local based company of Bell Canada. Canada’s telecommunication giant offers mobile, internet, television and land line phone services with its small and medium business sector extended to Nevis. The company [Brown Hill Communications] which started its operations earlier this year, was officially opened last evening when Nevis’ Premier, Hon Joseph Parry not only cut the ribbon to signal its legitimacy but addressed the gathering that included the Deputy Governor General, His Honor Mr. Eustace John and other members of the Nevis Island Administration Cabinet. He noted that the company promised to employ ninety persons by Christmas [the end of the year] but as it stood today, they have employed 68 persons.


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