Nevis Yacht Club News – February 2010

Nevis Yacht Club - Oualie Beach Resort Hotel

Nevis Yacht Club – Oualie Beach Resort Hotel

Oualie Beach Resort Hotel
Nevis, West Indies
Nevis Yacht Club (Deby Wallace)
February 09, 2010

Good day,
Just wanted to give you an update on the activities of the NYC for the past couple of weeks.
The racks for the Optimist have been built!!  We are in need of carpet scraps to place on the racks to protect the boats while loading and unloading. Any thoughts on how to source this, please let me know.  We are planning on moving the Optimist to the racks on Sunday 14th Feb. 
The building for storing the sails, boards, rudders, life jackets, etc. has been built.  Storage arrangements for these items has not been completed nor designed.  Any one with ideas on the best way to do this is asked to contact me as soon as possible so we can complete this portion of the project.
The labour building these was strictly volunteer (Ok, maybe the promise of beers and laughs) and could not have been completed without the following persons:
Tony George
Lee Hales
Eddy Williams
Miles Denne
Tom Fernau – a frequent visitor/businessman and supporter 
Frank Ashley
Robert (Rob) Hoddson – guest at Oualie Beach Resort
Peter Tantram
Ian Gonzaley
Thanks again for their experience, assistance, muscles and tools!!!  We did have some laughs (and a few beverages) too.
I have attached a couple of photos of the weekends activities.
The AGM is set for March 23rd at 5:00 PM at Oualie Beach. 
A few things that will be on the Agenda (full Agenda to follow early March):
Officers/Directors to be elected. 
  Commodore – currently held by Alastair Yearwood
  Vice Commodore – currently held by Arthur (Brother) Anslyn
  Rear Commodore – new position
  Treasurer – currently held by Tracy Rigby
  Secretary – currently held by Deby Wallace
Please be prepared with your nominations, which need to be seconded, at the AGM.
The Constitution of the Nevis Yacht Club will be presented for adoption.
Update on NIMSAR (Nevis Island Marine Search and Rescue), permanent club location, and Sea Ranger (Youth programmes) will also be on the agenda.
We are looking forward to a progressive year for the Club and your participation is needed to keep moving forward.
If you have any suggestions or business for the Agenda, please let me know by March 9th so they may be considered / included.
See you soon, Deby :)

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