Nevis Yacht Club Fishing Tournament 2009

Participants At The 2007 Nevis Fishing Tournament

Participants At The 2007 Nevis Fishing Tournament
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Nevis Yacht Club Fishing Tournament 2009

Just a reminder that the NYC 15th Annual Fishing Tournament is scheduled for Oct 3, with Captain’s Briefing on the 2nd.
The Club will be using this event to raise funds for the Youth Sailing Programme.  We will be running a bar, selling T-Shirts and fish.  We have asked the Nevis Water Department to serve up their award winning chicken and ribs, we also have an Ital food vendor coming along as well as Goat water and Cookup. This will take place on the Nevis Yacht Club grounds at the Oualie Beach Resort Hotel on Saturday Oct 3 from 1:00 PM until 6:00PM.  We will also have a DJ providing background music and the PA system.
Volunteers are desperately needed to help set up the area, sell tickets, fish, tend bar, help set up the tents and bar area, clean up the beach, etc.
Please contact me at 869.662.9403 if you are interested in assisting with this worthy cause.
There will be a meeting to discuss the logistics of this event on Weds Sept 9th at Oualie Beach Hotel.
I am looking forward to your support of this event.
Deby Wallace

Nevis Fishing Tournament 2009

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