Nevis Scorpion Rum Drink Recipe

Nevis Scorpion Rum Drink
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Nevis Scorpion Rum Drink Recipe

Oualie Beach Bar
Oualie Beach Resort Hotel
Oualie Bay, Nevis

May 02, 2009

Just a quick thank you to Vaden Jones, who helped out with this recipe.  Best of luck in St. Croix…we all miss you at Oualie!


1 Ounce Banana Liquer
1 Ounce Chambord Liquer
1 Ounce Overproof  Rum
2 Ounces Pineapple Juice
2 Ounces Orange Juice
Fresh grated cinnamon to taste


Mix and serve over ice in a tall glass.  Wait for the “Scorpion’s Sting” it is the Cinnamon that gives this drink it’s kick. BTW, there are “REAL” Scorpions on Nevis…I know…I got stung by one.

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