Nevis Premier Welcomes Flights Between Antigua and Nevis

LIAT Airlines - Nevis - Antigua

LIAT Airlines Fills Void For Nevis Flights

Charlestown, Nevis
November 28, 2008

When Carib Aviation ceased operations, Nevis was isolated from the Region and the United Kingdom (UK). One had to travel to and from the Robert L. Bradshaw Airport in St. Kitts to access the UK and the Caribbean region.

Thanks to the personal intervention of the Premier of Nevis and Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Joseph Parry, LIAT began a Dash 8 service leaving Antigua at 4:30p.m to Nevis. This facilitated travelers from the UK and the region travelling into Nevis. However, for the outbound journey one still had to leave from St .Kitts to make connections to the U.K and the region out of Antigua.

At a time when the airline industry is coming under increasing pressure to streamline services worldwide, Monday, December  1st 2008, has to be seen has a red letter day for Nevis, as the inaugural flight of LIAT’s second daily Dash 8 service from Nevis to Antigua, touches down.

This flight is scheduled to depart Nevis daily at 1:50pm for Antigua, which now makes it possible to connect with flights to the region and the U.K directly from Nevis.

A grand ceremony will take place at the Nevis Airport at 1:30p.m in celebration of this auspicious event.

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  1. If LIAT (Leave Island Any Time) arrives on time at 1:30 for the ceremony…it will be one of the few times LIAT is EVER on time. Bwoy. me dun wanna see dis. LOL


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