Nevis Premier Supports Switch To New Drivers License

Charlestown, Nevis
March 04, 2008

Premier of Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry encouraged Nevisians to switch to the new enhanced drivers license. He made the call moments after the Ms. Neva Manners Deputy Comptroller for the Inland Revenue Department issued him with the first card on the island, on Monday March 03, 2008, at the Department’s Charlestown office.
“I would like to encourage all Nevisians to get the new card. It is my understanding that it is time saving, it is only a matter of minutes and you get your card the same time rather than the next day. I also understand that it has some enhanced security features which would be of benefit to all the citizens who use it.

“So I have started it and I am encouraging everybody else to follow, to come in and have the changes made. It is only a matter of time and in five minutes it can be done. So please come and make the change as we seek to reach international standards in all that we do in the country,” he said.
Ms. Manners told the Department of Information, that the new card had several benefits and most of all it conformed to international standards and processing time was significantly reduced.
“I am pleased to announce that this new card would be processed the very same day in just a matter of minutes. Also there are several security features that can be used as a means of validation both locally and internationally. The general public can feel free to contact the Inland revenue Department March 10, [2008] for further information for processing of this new card,” she said.
The new card was launched in St. Kitts on Friday February 29 when Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Denzil Douglas and his Deputy Hon. Sam Condor were issued with their new driver licenses.

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