Nevis Premier Holds Discussions With Fire Department

Charlestown, Nevis
March 05, 2008
Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry met with eighteen employees of the Fire Department on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 in an effort to have open discussions on the Fire division’s needs, concerns, strengths and weaknesses.

The talks are a part of the Nevis Island Administration’s goal of forging a better relationship with the Fire Department and gaining solutions to any possible problems the officers may have.

The meeting of the Nevis Fire Service personnel and Premier Parry began with an introduction by the Fire Sub-Station Officer, Mr. David Stapleton, who welcomed the Premier and invited him to address the gathering.

In the Premier’s opening remarks, he commended the Officers for their performance, particularly the extinguishing of a fire at the Delta Petroleum station a few months ago.  He also stated that in lieu of a recent situation at the New Castle Airport with a fire truck; the impending solution would be to purchase a Grade five fire truck. In addition, Mr. Parry also proposed the idea of establishing a branch of the fire department in Gingerland.

During the meeting, the officers stated their concerns on a number of issues, among them being living conditions, such as building repairs and separate quarters for both genders. They also stated that the fire service should play a   part in the location of the hydrants. One officer stated, “There is only one hydrant along the airport runway, another is located immediately next to the station, but has been out of order for quite some time.”

Premier Parry, responded directly to everyone’s concerns He elaborated on the Nevis Fire Services being controlled by St. Kitts and a need for that to change. Mr. Parry also assured the officers that his administration will work to resolve their issues, but they should take into consideration that their challenges would not be resolved overnight. “It will take time to come to a solution,’ said Premier Parry.

In closing the meeting, Mr. Parry thanked everyone for attending and taking part in the open discussions. He then commended them once again for their excellent performance and encouraged them to continue.

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