Nevis Premier Has Successful Weekend In North America

Charlestown, Nevis
January 23, 2008

Premier of Nevis the Hon. Joseph Parry returned to Nevis on Monday January 21, following weekend engagements which took him to North America. 
In an interview with the Department of Information he said the purpose of his visit to New York was to meet the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Newfound Development and to deliver the keynote address at the 9th annual luncheon of the Heart and Hands for Nevis Inc.
“On Friday night I met with Mr. Jeremy White new CEO of Newfound and we discussed the Nevis project and the progress being made.   Mr. White assured me that he continues to work very hard on the project.  It is my understanding though that on February 8th a number of persons will come to Nevis associated with the project.
“I’m quite sure we will be able to brief the public at that particular time.  They are making sure that they have alternatives so that if one investor fails to deliver there will be others available.  Mr. White assured me that he will be in England later this week and will keep me informed.  I also spoke to Mr. Brian Dobbins the former CEO and he assured me that things were going fairly smoothly and that I need not worry,” he said.

The Premier who led a three member delegation to New York on Sunday January 20, accompanied by a compliment of Nevisians living in the Diaspora, attended the Heart and Hands for Nevis Inc. annual gala luncheon held at the Crown Plaza Hotel, delivered the key note address which highlighted his Nevis Reformation Party led-Administration’s vision for Nevis.
“We touched a number of issues including hotel development, financial services, and also the need for more autonomy for Nevis.  I also indicated to them that our interest and our goal is to make Nevis the number one jurisdiction in offshore services and tourism in the Eastern Caribbean.  I also indicated to them that we needed the support of all Nevisians and that I would like Nevisians to advise of what is happening economically in the United States to help us to find markets and also to be involved in one form or the other in the development of the island of Nevis. 
“I also told them that we were very concerned about law and order and crime and that we were doing everything to make sure that we kept Nevis a peaceful place.  I indicated to them that we are seeking more autonomy so that we can work closely with the police and do the things that are necessary to make sure that Nevis follows the path of development that we all desire,” the Premier said.
Premier Parry who had the opportunity to share in the 1:00 ““ 6:00 pm gala luncheon with over 300 Nevisians, spent four hours when his departure from the event was announced.
“The trip was a very good one! We were very well received, there were many, many Nevisians there whom I knew and they were happy to learn about Nevis.  We made sure we distributed our magazines “˜Nevis in Focus’ and we also had some calendars and some paraphernalia from the Bank of Nevis. I was very pleased to attend, that’s the second time that I have attended that luncheon and have been able to address Nevisians and I’m very pleased for it,” he said.

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