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Nevis Hot Pepper Sauce

Nevis Homemade Pepper Sauce ala Verna
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Toledo, Ohio
January 09, 2009

Well today I awoke to two surprises…one pleasant and one not so pleasant.  The first thing I saw on my way to my mail box was about 9 inches of fresly fallen snow….PUKE.  However when I got to my mail box, i found a whole bunch of liquid Caribbean sunshine, in the form of four bottles of homemade Verna’s Hot Pepper Sauce.

While I have always bought Mom’s Pepper Sauce (Mom’s Max-Taxi), I have to admit that Verna’s is every bit as good, and on a cold Winter’s day…who could argue.  This kind gift arrived via Jane Paul (Coral Reef Villa – Blue Cresent Estates, Nevis)…via her daughter-in-law, Lara, in New Mexico, who had just returned from her place in Nevis, (Lazy Turtle Villa – Blue Cresent Estates, Nevis). Damn, this pepper sauce has more air-miles than I do :)

The timing could not be more perfect with the weather the way it is.  So in honor of this lovely gift..I am doing a complete West Indian dinner on Sunday night.  Grilled chicken, rice and peas, tania fritters, dilled beets, johnny cakes, and Conch (well clam) chowder.  Wish you all could be here.  Since you can’t, I can at least share a Nevis Pepper Sauce recipe with you….see this link


PS must not forget to thank Verna, and my postman!

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