Nevis Island Tourism Authority Has A New CEO

New Nevis Tourism CEO and Nevis Premier

New Nevis Tourism CEO and Nevis Premier (L-R)

Charlestown, Nevis
May 15, 2008

A new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been appointed to head the Nevis Tourism authority (NTA). Barbadian, Mrs.  Garcia Thompson-Hendrickson took up office on May 1st 2008. 
During a brief introduction and welcome ceremony at the NTA’s boardroom in Charlestown on Thursday May 15, 2008, Premier and Minister of Tourism on Nevis the Hon. Joseph Parry said the appointment came at a time when the island was seeking to consolidate its position in the high end tourism market.
“We [NIA] are working very hard to have another hotel to match the Four Seasons, another hotel that would further establish our place in the marketplace as an outstanding destination. We are looking at a new effort towards cruise tourism, we are also happy that we can have a new beginning in the person of Mrs. Garcia Thompson-Hendrickson.  Mrs. Hendrickson is married to a Nevisian but she is a Barbadian. She has had experience in the tourism industry in Barbados.

“We know Barbados has made its mark both in land base tourism and in cruise tourism. We welcome you and we anticipate that you’ll make a difference working along with the Marketing Division, and all the other members of staff that we have here and also members of the Board. I predict very exciting times ahead and I hope that you’ll enjoy the challenges that will face you over the next few years.  Welcome and may you enjoy Nevis and may we be able to say at the end of two years that a change has taken place,” he said. 
Members of the Board of the Nevis Tourism Authority and staff welcomed the new CEO who thanked the government and people of Nevis for having considered and afforded her the opportunity to serve at that level.
 “I thank the Premier and the people of Nevis, the Nevis Tourism Board.  I notice you said that I’m a Barbadian by birth, that is true but since 2005 I must say that I have become a Nevisian and my job is going to be much easier because of how I feel about Nevis.
“We have a very good product so it makes it easy for me to sell the product. I look forward to working with the Tourism Authority and I already recognise that I have a very strong and supportive team in-house. I thank you again for this opportunity on behalf of my husband Harvey Hendrickson and myself and I will endeavor to give of my best to the organisation to make both Nevis and Barbados proud,” the new Tourism CEO said.
The welcome ceremony was chaired by Deputy Chairman of the NTA Board, Mr. Chris Martin and attended by other members, which included Tourism Advisor, Mr. Alistair Yearwood, Mr. Spencer Hanley and Miss Keisha Jones.

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