Nevis Island To Celebrate Earth Day 2023

Nevis Island To Celebrate Earth Day 2023

Earth Day Project – Island Clean Sweep

Last year, the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society cleared an illegal dump site at Indian Castle. This year, they will conduct their 20th annual Clean Island Sweep for Earth Day 2023. This project is part of a coastal cleanup campaign funded by Ocean Conservancy’s Team Seas program.

The Society has made significant progress with the help of this program. They have designed, printed, and installed 16 signs around the island in collaboration with the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority. These signs mark 16 sites notorious for illegal dumping, such as Bath Village/VON Radio, Nugent Heights, Cottle Church/Mount Nevis Hotel road, Herbert’s Beach, Jessup’s Bay, Newcastle Bay, Long Point, Brown Hill, and Mt Lily, among others.

The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society understands the importance of preserving the island’s fragile natural resources. “Together with our technical and financial partners, we do what we can to raise awareness and undertake activities that contribute to ensuring that NevisNice remains NevisNaturally,” the Society stated. They urged members and friends to report any suspicious illegal dumping activity. “Together, we can make a difference, one small step at a time. A clean Nevis,” concluded the Society.

The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society is a highly respected and active organization in the Caribbean, as noted by Archaeology Magazine in January 1996. Located in Charlestown, Nevis, the Society’s headquarters is believed to be the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton (#ad), the First Secretary of the United States Treasury.

As a non-profit organization, the Society relies on various sources of income. These include endowments and pledges, admission fees, grants, gift shop sales, fundraising events, membership fees, and a modest subvention from the Nevis Island Administration. The invaluable contributions of volunteer services also support the Society’s efforts.

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