Nevis Hosts Diplomatic Week

Charlestown, Nevis
February 21, 2008

On Wednesday February 20, 2008, the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) led by Premier and Minister of Finance and Tourism the Hon. Joseph Parry, hosted diplomatic and consular representatives accredited to St. Kitts Nevis at a luncheon at the scenic Botanical Gardens at Montpelier Estate on Nevis.
The Premier who had the opportunity to address the representatives on the strides made in the Nevis Financial Services sector one day before at the Ocean Terrace Inn, said he was happy for the opportunity to enlighten them about the jurisdiction and that they had visited Nevis.  He urged them to take with them fond memories of the island.
“I really enjoyed addressing you yesterday about our financial services and I must say that we know that we have people here from Switzerland that is the headquarters of financial services, so we are asking you to take back the message, to ensure that we make that direct connection with Switzerland, it will help our financial services sector to grow.

“In addition to financial services, we are promoting very upscale tourism on the island of Nevis, and I feel we are doing a pretty good job at it.  Yesterday as you are speaking about the IPA [Investment Promotion Agency] on St. Kitts, I was leaving and so today I have to tell you that we too are organising our own IPA and the purpose of this, is to give quick, easy and ready service,” he said. 
The Premier further explained that it was the intention the Administration to make it easy for business persons to conduct business and the IPA would offer in direct investment as well as the promotion of the offshore industry.  It will offer one stop service, make it easy to do business in the sister islands.
Premier Parry revealed that the Lieutenant Governor Gregory Francis of the United States Virgin Islands and a team would visit Nevis shortly to discuss the geothermal energy potential and its prospects for the island and urged the visitors to keep abreast of Nevis’ progress as it moved forward with the new development.
He told them to use the occasion to enjoy the ambience of the island while highlighting the historical significance of Montpelier which was the site where English Admiral Lord Nelson wedded Nevisian Francis Nisbett in 1787. He said the couple must have had appreciated the beauty of the island and noted that even today, many continued to experience its beauty.
“I want you to continue to enjoy the afternoon, enjoy the ambience. I want this to be a little nugget in your memory over the next few years as you go back to your various homes and places, that you will remember the various things that we are promoting in Nevis and that you will continue to help us to make this island a better and more prosperous place in the Caribbean,” he said.
During the luncheon, the delegation was entertained by the infectious sounds of the Honeybees stringband led by master fifer, Mr. David Freeman of Rawlins Village. A number of top government officials which included Deputy Governor General His Honor Mr. Eustace John, Deputy Premier Hon. Hensley Daniel, the Hon. Robelto Hector, Advisors to the NIA, Permanent Secretaries and Senior Civil Servants were in attendance.
Before departing the island for St. Kitts, the visitors were taken on a sight-seeing guided island tour.
A new addition to the activities for this the second year was the private sector forum with presenters from the manufacturing, hotel and financial sectors, as well as a mini exhibition of local products.
The objectives of the week were to enhance efficiency, improve professionalism, expand networks, deepen relations and increase functional cooperation.

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