Nevis Government Lives Up To Housing Commitment

Nevis Island Premier - Joseph Parry

Nevis Island Premier – Joseph Parry

Charlestown, Nevis
July 22, 2009

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry continues his Nevis Reformation Party’s (NRP) commitment to increase, and improve, housing for the people of Nevis.

Speaking at the official opening of the Harbour View Housing Development in Ramsbury Site, on Friday, Premier Parry said government is doing its job by making sure that the people of Nevis are comfortable and properly represented.  He went on to say that the business of the government is to make sure that the people have suitable housing.

“The houses built by the NRP are residences that one can be comfortable in and develop as each family expands. This is the movement of the NRP in Government,” said Premier Parry.

Mr. Parry noted that the NRP led Nevis Island Administration (NIA) has realized the importance of home ownership and how it can be beneficial to the island economically and socially.

According to Mr. Parry, the NRP led government has done in three years what some expected would take thirty years.  He said even as the Cabinet continues to develop plans, and the Ministers continue to demonstrate their creativity and innovation, they are still searching for additional plans and ideas.

The Premier said that Nevis must have diversification in terms of Tourism and more economic activity. He remarked that his Cabinet is excited about agricultural development, as well as the revamping of the Charlestown Secondary School which will allow for training in barbering, cosmetology and a variety of other courses.  This will be done, he said, in an effort not only to diversify the economy; but to help young people pay for their housing.

“Housing gives ownership, housing helps to establish a sense of foundation and it creates pride in family and the community.” concluded Premier Parry.

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