COI Adjourns Prematurely For Temporary Injunction Hearing

Mr. Thomas Sharpe, QC - Head of Commission

Mr. Thomas Sharpe, QC – Head of Commission

Charlestown, Nevis
July 22, 2009

Proceedings at the Commission of Inquiry on Nevis came to a halt on Wednesday, after two witnesses failed to appear to give evidence compounded by an application seeking a temporary injunction against the Commission was filed by Former Premier Mr. Vance Amory ahead of his testimony before the Commission on Thursday.

In a statement by Queen’s Counsel Commissioner Thomas Sharpe just before the adjournment of the oral hearings near midday, he said the Court was due to hear the application from 2pm at the Mediation Centre on Government Road.

“This morning, we the Commission and [also] the government received an application for an interim injunction. That injunction, if granted by the Court, will prevent the Commission from taking any further steps, including holding a hearing tomorrow.

“If the injunction is granted, then I have to say its several months work and 11 witnesses over the last three days will have simply to be put on hold until the Court hears the substantive claim brought by [former] Premier Amory”┬ŽIn the interim, if the injunction is granted then nothing further but I fear if the injunction is not granted, there is some doubt as to whether Premier Amory would attend tomorrow, as we had hoped and invited him to do,” he said.

According to Commissioner Sharpe, inquiries had been made of Mr. Amory’s attorneys who were unable to assist.

“So the position is, we will adjourn now, we may well be adjourning the hearings at this session, the sequence of hearings but if Premier Vance having failed in his application for an interim injunction chooses to come and give evidence tomorrow, an announcement will be made to clarify the position.

“I very much look to seeing him and hearing his evidence. I am afraid until then we can no longer proceed this morning and I am afraid we will just have to await a further announcement as to what the position is going to be tomorrow,” he said.

Before the adjournment evidence was given by Former Cabinet Secretary Mr. Oban Lawrence and Treasurer Mr. Colin Dore.

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