Nevis Fruit Festival Shows Importance Of Local Fruits

Dr. Kelvin Daly

Dr. Kelvin Daly – Director Of Nevis Agriculture

Charlestown, Nevis
July 05, 2008

Director of Agriculture on Nevis Dr. Kelvin Daly on July 02, 2008 told the Department of Information that he was satisfied with the success of the recently held Fruit Festival, held by the island’s Department and Ministry of Agriculture.

“I believe that the message was delivered loud and clear that the Department is committed to providing alternate choices for food,” Dr. Daly said.

The Festival, held on Friday June 27, 2008, at the Villa in Charlestown, displayed an assortment of fruits grown on the island.  According to Dr. Daly, there was a large contingent of agro-processors at the festival.

The agro-processors displayed a variety of condiments including jams of all flavours and fruit wines made from local produce.

Dr. Daly said it was particularly pleasing to see such a large number of farmers with their provisions.  Mangoes and melons seemed to be the dominant fruits on display.

He also commended the Extension Department for its information and education programme about local fruits.

The Director recorded his gratitude to the persons who contributed to the effort of helping to revive the consumption of the large number of fruits on the island.

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