Nevis’ Culturama Festival Off To A Great Start

Nevis Culturama 2012

Nevis Culturama Festival 2012

July 31, 2012

Nevis Premier, the Hon. Joseph Parry has applauded organizers of the 2012 Culturama Festival, noting attendance and performances to date have been at its best.

Speaking to listeners of his popular radio program,” In touch with the Premier” Tuesday, the Hon. Joseph Parry noted that Monday night’s performance of Diane Hobson’s- Rhythms Dance Theater at the world-class Nevis Performing Arts Center’s (NEPAC) Michael Herald Sutton Auditorium was a sold- out performance that “dazzled” the audience.

“The performance by the dance team was outstanding, and the ambiance of the Center was upscale and classy,” commented the Premier.

He also said that a number of Nevisians who returned to the island for the Festival commented to him that they are very proud of the Center, and happy with the work of the Premier and his Administration to move Nevis forward.

“I want to congratulate the performers, the-behind-the-scene participants, and Diane Hobson for her creative work in making last night’s production a success,” said Premier Parry.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Culturama, Mr. Halstead “Sooty” Byron said the Culturama shows so far, have been well-attended, crime-free and have displayed performances of top quality.

” The Senior Kaiso Semi-finals, the Band Clash, the twinned Ms. Culturama Swim Wear and the Mr. Kool Show have all been a success and for this I am extremely happy, and I look forward to the rest of the Culturama Festival with much anticipation”, said Mr. Byron.

At Sunday’s show, Mr. Kevin Adams was crowned Mr. Kool, with Mr. Lorenzo Phillip, the runner-up. The winner of the Ms. Culture Swim Wear was Ms. Oualie Masonry Products (OMP) Roslyn Berkley, with Ms. Nevis Cultural Development Foundation (NCDF) Franale Holder placing second.

“We congratulate the Ministry of Culture for organizing the activities; all those who worked diligently to put on the shows, the private sector which got involved with sponsoring shows, and the Police for working assiduously to keep the peace,” said Mr. Byron.

Other major shows for Culturama 2012 include the Mr. and Miss Talented Youth Pageant on Thursday, Senior Kaiso Finals (Friday), the Ms. Culturama Queen Pageant on Sunday, and a host of other activities.

For more information visit the Nevis Culturama Facebook page or call the Culturama Festival Secretariat at 869 469 1992.

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