Culturama 49 Nevis Slogan Competition Is Go

Nevis Culturama 49 Slogan Competition

Nevis Culturama 49 Slogan Competition The following is an announcement from the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Culturama Secretariat regarding the Culturama 49 Nevis Slogan Competition. Slogans should be short and catchy (no more than eight to 10 words) to capture …

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Nevis Culturama 48 Officially Underway

Official Opening Of Culturama 48

Official Opening Of Nevis Culturama 48 Nevis Culturama is back! The official opening for Culturama 48 was held Thursday, July 21, 2022 at the Nevis Cultural Village in Charlestown. Mr. Antonio “Abonaty” Liburd, Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat and …

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Culturama 48 Key Events Announced

Culturama 48 Events 2022

Culturama 48 Events List Released To mark the 100th day countdown to the start of Nevis’ Culturama Festival 2022, the Nevis Culturama Committee is today releasing the calendar of core events for Culturama 48. The core events are those that …

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