Nevis Continues To Grow It’s Economy

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Nevis Economy Is Still Growing

Charlestown, Nevis
October 23,2008

The Nevis Island Government led by the Nevis Reformation Party, continues to bring economic diversification and growth to Nevis. The most recent example came when the Premier signed an agreement with 21st Century Corporation, on Tuesday, October 21st at the Conference Room of the Bath Hotel.

Founder and CEO of 21st Century telecommunications Mr.Alec Saini headed a delegation of four officials, who looked on as Mr. Saini signed an agreement with the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) that would establish the company’s headquarters in Nevis.

The site of the headquarters would be in the Jessups area where Premier Parry said a training center and a boutique hotel would be built, to accommodate persons working for the company.

Mr. Saini stressed that not only would  he be employing a considerable number of Nevisians over time but also people from abroad with technical expertise who would come to live with their families, as well as others on special assignments with the company.

Mr. Saini said his company, which hopes to employ between 400 and 500 persons over the next five years, aims to become one of the region’s leading telecommunication operators, providing affordable telecommunication services such as wireless internet.

Persons employed by the company in other Caribbean islands will also be coming to Nevis for training.

Commented Mr. Saini: “Mr. Parry has been very helpful to us and we are very happy to be on Nevis and look forward to working with the Government for many years to come.”

The Premier said that the signing of the agreement with 21st Century was an opportunity not only in terms of workers getting onboard, but also an opportunity to diversify the economy of Nevis.

“Many young people want to stay in Nevis, many young people want to work, many young people are interested in Information Technology and the electronic age.  Of course we are mindful of the importance of our tourism industry, but many youngsters seem interested in other new areas where there are new challenges.  This lends to the diversification of our economy and the provision of new jobs for our young people. This is important for the growth and development of this island,” said the Premier.

The Premier observed that this venture was part of the NIA’s economic diversification drive. In this vein, the official opening of the Brown Hill Communications Centre will take place on Thursday evening.  The centre is presently employing 80 persons and by Christmas this number is expected to increase to 100.

In addition, Cabinet and their negotiating team plan to conduct negotiations with the West Indies Power Group (developers of geothermal energy on Nevis) in mid November.

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