Nevis Community Provided For In Affordable Housing Programme

Cherry Gardens Housing Development

Cherry Gardens Housing Development

Charlestown, Nevis
July 20, 2009

A top official of the Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation (NHLDC) announced on Friday that provisions had been made for every strata of the Nevis community to be a part of the Affordable Home Programme.

The Corporation’s General Manager Mr. Eustace “Smarty” Nisbett said they had just obtained drawings from their architects for a one bedroom home to be sold for under $100,000.

He said the structure, called “The Petal”, was designed to accommodate the most sophisticated person whose desire it was to get a quick and inexpensive house.

Mr. Nisbett further said the Corporation recognised the need for housing among persons who were desperately in need of a home but could not afford any including those built by the Corporation.

“The fact is that the cost of living has increased so no one should compare cost wise a home built 15 years ago to a modern day home. As a matter of fact, some components have tripled in cost but the NHLDC’s costing had moved marginally.

“In 2005 and under the previous regime, some two bedroom homes were sold for $120,000 and these homes did not have any kitchen cupboards, cloth cupboards, vanity among other things. In comparison, you can now get a similar home for $128,000 with all the basic amenities inside,” he said.

The General Manager further explained that over the years the Corporation built developments in the hope of creating decent communities and had implemented a policy to build mixed developments.

He noted that the policy would eliminate the slum effect that many Nevisians objected to and would allow low income earners to reside among middle income earners.

“We have established housing Developments at Golden Grove in Brown Hill, Stoney Grove, Harbour View, Maddens and Shaws Road.

“We will be continuing our development programmes in Gingerland with approximately 30 homes over the next two years, approximately 40 in Cotton Ground, eight in Jessups, 16 in Ramsbury, 19 in Hamilton and 27 in Maddens. We will ensure all of these developments are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and open spaces,” he said.

Mr. Nisbett also said that the NHLDC had also purchased lands to replenish the land bank for future generations in Belle Vue, Cotton Ground, Charlestown and Gingerland.

The Corporation’s General Manager further said that over the past 30 months, they had issued 500 contracts or subcontracts which had created employment for hundreds of Nevisians during a sluggish economy. About 400 more were expected to be issued in the next 24 months.

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