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Huge Discounts on Tuition Fees

Charlestown, Nevis
July 17, 2014

The University of Roehampton, Walden University and the University of Liverpool have made a variety of special offers available to persons in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis who are  interested in obtaining their tertiary education in Management Studies, Health, Psychology or Education.

The announcement was made by Deborah Chambers of Laureate Education, Inc. which represents the universities. During an interview with the Department of Information on July 10, 2014, she explained that the three universities are offering various discounts to interested persons living in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“For Walden University we have 25 percent discount with our Bachelors, Masters and our Certificate programs and for the Doctoral programs we have a 30 percent discount. For our Roehampton degrees, they are all US$10,000 and for our Liverpool programs we have 15 percent,” she said.

Chambers explained that in addition to the discounts offered to students from the Federation, the University of Roehampton is offering one US$10,000 scholarship for a senior civil servant or senior public officer seeking to gain a tertiary education.

“What we are also doing is the [Masters in Public Administration] MPA. The scholarship really is for one person, one senior officer, one US$10,000 scholarship and that’s where the University of Roehampton is at,”she said.

Although the scholarship would be awarded to one individual, other applicants could still benefit from other discounts the universities offer.

“If individuals are also interested in doing the MPA and they are not necessarily selected in the scholarship process we are giving individuals $500 off the first module of that degree. So you’re paying half the price: 50 percent off your first module and then depending on the number of individuals that we have, we’re looking to giving a back end of another $500 off. So it’s really an incentive for individuals to tap in right now and to truly get an education that they need,” Chambers said.

She encouraged interested applicants to contact her, through Debbie Isaac, Education Officer at the Ministry of Education in St. Kitts, to ensure that they receive the discounts offered by the universities.

“Anybody who is really interested in any of our degrees now is the best time to start applying for them because you do have to go through an application process. You do have to, as well, get your information in to us for us to assess it and make sure that you are eligible to come into our degrees.

“We are challenging St. Kitts and Nevis to come on board with us and to take advantage of all these discounts that we are giving to you,” she said.

Accompanying Chambers was Kristine L. Olaes, Admissions Representative for the universities, who noted that online courses are also available through the universities’ agreement.

The online aspect is provided at all three of the programs: Walden University, University of Roehampton and University of Liverpool. Olaes said the dynamic that  online learning adds is the ability for distance learners to continue living their lives, while moving forward in their careers.

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