Mathematical Skills To Be Tested In Math Olympiad


UNESCO Sponsors Math Olympiad

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
March 15, 2011 (SKNIS)

Secondary School Math Teachers in St. Kitts should soon have increased assistance in aiding them to build a better understanding of math among students in the classrooms.

The UNESCO sponsored Math Olympiad scheduled for implementation shortly, this year in Government Schools is a project which seeks to introduce new strategic, “pressure free”, non-traditional ways of teaching mathematical concepts to students.

Coordinator of the Math Olympiad Ian Morson said this new perspective will heighten students’ capacity to learn while they are engaged in fun activities.

The coordinator explained that there will be a monthly Olympiad in each school including a math camp, a television game-show-styled Knowledge-Bowl activity and a math decathlon as the grand finale at year end.

He informed SKNIS that teachers would be participating in preparatory workshops to assist in sharing the mathematical concepts via this means. Morson added that, Problem Solving as well as identifying skills sets, would be two critical areas of focus chosen during the Olympiad.

The Decathlon will consist of a ten question math challenge, with each school selecting six students. Two teacher-coaches, as well will be selected for each school team.

Mr. Morson expressed added that although  the project is UNESCO sponsored every effort will be made to make it a sustainable  effort, including initially, the production and sale of an Olympiad newsletter; Sponsorship for various elements of the different events from local sponsors; registration fees for the camp and Decathlon.

Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO, Antonio Maynard said “UNESCO, and by extension the National Commission and always seeking to create opportunities for learning”. He added that “Morson and his team were wise in accessing funds from UNESCO to carry out a worthwhile project such as this one which seeks to address real issues in creative and positive ways with a high scope for success”. He said further that he anticipated the actual start of the Olympiad at the end of March.

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