Mango Bread Recipe – Nevis Island Style

Mango Bread Recipe - Nevis Island
Mango Bread Recipe – Bambooshay Snackette

Mango Bread
Newcastle, Nevis
West Indies


2 Cups sifted all-purpose flour
2 Teaspoons freshly ground cinnamon
2 Teaspoons baking soda
½ Teaspoon Kosher or sea salt
¾ Cup sugar
¾ Cup dark brown sugar
3 Medium eggs, slightly beaten
¾ Cup canola oil
½ Cup raisins or currants
½ Cup chopped walnuts
2 Cups mashed mangoes

Cooking Method:

Sift, and then measure flour. Add cinnamon, baking soda and salt. Sift dry ingredients together. Make a well in the flour and add sugars, slightly beaten eggs and canola oil. Beat until well mixed. Fold in raisins, walnuts and mangoes. Bake mango bread in 2 regular loaf pans at 350 degrees for 50 minutes to 1 hour.

Top 7 Health Benefits of Eating Mangoes

  1. Contains Nutrients and Beneficial Plant Compounds.
  2. Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer.
  3. May Improve Heart Health.
  4. May Lower Inflammation and Oxidative Stress.
  5. May Help Prevent Macular Degeneration.
  6. May Help Relieve Muscle Soreness.
  7. May help with erectile dysfunction.

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