Lindsay Grant Bemoans Government Decisions

Lindsay Grant - PAM Candidate

Lindsay Grant – PAM Candidate

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
December 27, 2009

Leader of the People’s Action Movement (PAM) Lindsay Grant has levelled a number of criticisms against the Douglas-led administration, accusing them of stressing citizens and residents of the Federation.

Grant said that the delay in the calling of the elections, incompetence to properly run the affairs of the Federation, failing to stem the rapid increase in crime and violence, refusal to end discrimination and victimization, and failure to address corruption are among some of the ills of the Denzil Douglas-led administration.

In light of these failures, Grant strongly believes that the public continues to be stressed and cannot afford to take any more of the Government’s short-comings.

Grant said that he views the Prime Minister’s actions of delaying the calling of elections as a clear case of deliberately frustrating the public, noting that it’s evident that the public would respond with anger and dissent. He said that Dr. Douglas has to be cognizant of his actions and they could have serious repercussions to the well-being of the nation.

The PAM Leader noted that on examination of the actions and decisions taken by Dr. Douglas, it would be pellucidly obvious to any rational individual to conclude that they are deliberate and desperate.

Grant claimed that the PM has been applying selfish tactics and he is calling on members of the pubic to rebel against such actions. “You have the power to let your voice be heard and I urge you to rebel with your vote on election day so that he knows that you are not prepared to sit back quietly,” Grant said.

He further claimed that the Government, when confronted by the thoughts and fears of losing an election, concocts schemes and plans to sway voters. He added that the public is very tired and he foresees the Federation would witness a dramatic change for the better.

Grant warned that with the public being forced to endure14-odd years of irresponsible and immature leadership by the Government, it has resulted in people reaching a stage where they can explode. “I warn the Prime Minister to be careful as the patience of this population could burst at any time,” Grant warned.

He questioned the many promises that the PM continues to make to the people and asked why the Government is unable and incapable of providing certain basic necessities like desks and chairs at schools, reliable electricity service, tools for the security forces, training and educational development of certain public officials, among others.

He declared that the Government should be made to answer its many failures, noting that while the Government could not provide basic services they would appear on platforms during their elections campaign and make many promises.

In making another appeal for support so as to effectively promote and publicize the many atrocities of the Douglas administration, Grant said that while demonstrating no respect for the Federation’s legal system, the PM had the audacity and insensitivity to tell the public that his administration has done a good job in creating employment, fighting crime and violence, and building homes, among others.

“We have lived for over 14 years under a Labour administration headed by Dr. Denzil Douglas with nothing being done to alleviate the poverty and sufferings being experienced by the poor. Let us face the reality; Douglas takes significant advantage of the poor and down trodden.

“Our Federation’s school children are being promised a laptop while school supplies and books are not enough at the schools. Let us not be deliberately be fooled by Dr. Douglas’s promises,” he declared.

Grant declared that there should be an investigation into the many reports and allegations of corruption within the Government, noting that taxpayers have a right to know how their monies have been spent.

He further called on Dr. Douglas to demand a public explanation from Marcella Liburd regarding court papers filed against her by the children of her late brother.

“She should be made to answer for any wrongdoings that may have been committed, as she is running for public office and the public needs to know,” he said.

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