Liburd Warns Of Return Of Rampant Victimisation

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Electioneering Goes On and On

Basseterre – Nevis
June 19, 2009 (CUOPM)

The lone female candidate in the upcoming general election in St. Kitts and Nevis has warned that a return to government of the opposition People’s Action Movement (PAM) will see a re-emergence of rampant victimisation in St. Kitts.

Listing several instances of the practice under the previous PAM Administration of the Right Honourbale Dr. Sir Kennedy Simmonds between 1980 and 1995, former Speaker of the National Assembly Ms. Marcella Liburd mentioned the treatment of Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Sam Condor, when he was not even involved in active politics.

“Sam (Condor) was getting a scholarship from Barclay’s Bank (now First Caribbean International) to go overseas to study. Now Barclay’s Bank is a private entity. The (PAM) Government of the day wrote to Barclay’s Bank to take away Sam’s scholarship from a poor boy, coming from a poor family, struggling to make life better for himself. Barclays is paying for the scholarship, not the Government, but the PAM (Simmonds) Government attempted to take away Sam’s scholarship. Barclay’s Bank refused to abide by that request,” said Liburd, a local barrister.

“This is another level of victimisation to which they will reach. It was a private entity trying to give Sam a scholarship and the PAM Government trying to put pressure on an independent banking institution to take back the scholarship, but Barclay’s Bank did not study them. That is why you must vote for Sam and vote for Labour to prevent a return to the days of victimisation and spite under a PAM administration,” said Liburd at the West Basseterre meeting.

Ms. Liburd, a former national netballer, umpire and coach also referred to another side of PAM’s victimisation of Mr. Condor, who was providing national service as football coach to the St. Kitts and Nevis Football Team.

“Sam became the coach for the National Team. He and Elston Tuckett during the PAM term of office. The National Football Team won the OECS championship in football because of the coaching skills of Sam and Tuckett. They came back here rejoicing, and under PAM, you would think they would be happy. You know they did? They went and print a picture of the team in The Democrat and cut off Sam from the team picture. They cut off Sam and Tucket. That is the serious level of victimisation and wickedness to which they would sink in this country,” said Ms. Liburd, asking: “That is what you want back in this country? Never! We do not victimisation of any form to return.”

She praised Deputy Prime Minister Condor for being a role model to his community, constituency and nation.

“Sam was born in Mc Knight, a poor boy. Sam did not benefit from Comprehensive Education but he stayed with it. He was diligent. He was resilient. He stood up with it. He made sure that he educated himself almost single handedly. He has gone from someone coming up in a poor home to be the Deputy Prime Minister today and that’s a success to what we have and will be written about, and for the young people of this country, that despite some circumstances you might be in, think about Sam. He grew up poor and he is the Deputy Prime Minister today. If Sam could do it, you could do it,” said Ms. Liburd, adding: “Sam is a good example to follow for the young people in this country.”

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